Sunday, November 25, 2012


Being fairly new to the business I try to keep an open mind about everything.  It's almost the approach you have to take.  Or there is a good chance that you'll be learning life lessons as a cam model the hard way.

 As one acquaintance stated.. (It's a cut throat business.)  And believe me it is.
People will find a way no matter how large or small to make money from other peoples hard work.

If your interested in cam modeling then you need to do your research.  There are a number of places that offer untainted information on good ideas of where to start.

Avoid being sucked in by studios.  Studios are people that will try to recruit you and will register you at authentic cam modeling sites. You will be giving them a % of what you earn that you could of kept in your pocket by signing up to the authentic site yourself.

Be careful of referral links!  There are fake forums out there where people pose as cam models and drop referral links that will earn them money if you sign up through that link.

Watch for link changes when you click the sign up now or join as a model button.
Read the agreements, don't be afraid to ask them questions!  If they fail at responding or if they do respond and your uneasy with the answers then go with your gut instinct.

I did research when I started, and I still came very close into signing up with a studio due to the goggle results.

Research, ask questions, and decide whats best for you!


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