Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Sub Fun!

Thanks to a couple sub humans I hold I had a pretty filled weekend making them my little puppets.

I got to take a Diaper Slave out for a walk into a hallway of his hotel and set his diaper on fire.

Loyal sub #2  presented himself to me being extremely intoxicated.  What type of Mistress would I be to let that opportunity slip by?

He had installed Team viewer on his iPhone for me so that I could monitor him earlier in the week, I took advantage of that.

 I got to snap some great photos of him doing some pretty crazy puppet tricks. Which I can't post for various reasons right now.

 If you happen to know me you know how daring I like to be when the mood strikes.  I won't soon forget the risque' acts I had him preform and I'm positive he won't either.  He is now under house arrest.

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