Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Consensual Blackmail 101

We all have our little vices and dark desires, consensual blackmail can be one of the more intense mental fetishes.

 It's a balancing act of control that may or may not also include other fetishes, fondling and toying with them without pushing one past that limit of fleeing.

In some cases merely the power of suggestion is enough. Words can be a very strong tool.

 Using what little you know to gain more vital secrets/information is part of the hunt.
Something I happen to very good at.

 I was introduced to this fetish more than a year ago by a men that beg and pleaded with me to experience the knot of this type of fear in the pit of his stomach.

I was hesitant and before I had my decision he had emailed me some very humiliating, incriminating photos.

If I'm going to do this I WANT to do it myself, without anything being handed over to Me, by him.

Little did he know that I wasn't just another screaming Mimi wannabe on cam.
He certainly does now.....

So come hither if you care to wade carefully into this fetish. Limits are based on lifestyle. I have the right to accept or decline sessions of this nature. It can be time consuming, and there are many out there that have interest.

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