Monday, December 23, 2013

Cryptocurrancy Donations/Payments in the works.

For all you techy kinksters out there I will be tinkering with adding an option for session payments/donations with cryptocurrancies. Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin.

Session payments of this type may vary due to the daily fluctuating worth of these coins.

If you're not so techy no fear there are ways of earning coins for free. 
You will need a wallet MultiBit and link your payout address within the wallet to the  Litecoin/Bitcoin Faucet

It's pretty simple and you can earn hourly and only takes a few seconds once your registered

Donations are just that.. donations.  Which are very appreciated.

Anything that is a substantial donation will not go unrewarded. 
Amuse me and let's test this out. 

Get mining slaves!

Bitcoin donations:  15qDmStn9h1MmpgEu2Sz2p3QUBYCfdPXdH
 or QR code

Litecoin Donations:  LcQGkze3294zaJNHL2n6HMjA9jTsDXmaJJ

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